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“Mitch has helped me overcome some of the most challenging life situations. I am so happy I work with Mitch on a weekly basis. He helped me learn a high income skill and my income grew to $6,000 per month in 3 months from $1,900 and now I have the freedom to do what I love each day and with that said, I am going fishing now! ”

Casey H.

“Mitch is an amazing person. He is positive, motivational and down to earth. I am so grateful I met him because he has helped me with my own personal growth. He is such an awesome guy and leader”

Eriele N.
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Course curriculum

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  • 1

    Welcome | START HERE

    • Welcome To This Course

  • 2

    Mindset MASTERY Webinar

    • MINDSET MASTERY Master Class | Master Your Mind So Nothing Holds You Back Again

  • 3

    Life's Work

    • Introduction

    • Discover Your Life's Work So You Are Happily Fulfilled Doing What You Love Each Day

  • 4

    Overall Wellness

    • Overall Wellness Intro

    • Activate Total Wellness In Your Life Today

  • 5

    Love Relationship

    • Love Relationship Intro

    • Take Your Love Relationship To Another Level of Happiness

  • 6

    Spirit & Ideal Life Creation

    • Spirit % Ideal Life Creation Intro

    • Manifest What You Truly Desire | Lifestyle Design Accelerator

  • 7

    Conscious Growth

    • Conscious Growth Intro

    • Discover Conscious Growth & Your Personal Growth Potential

  • 8

    Financial Prosperity

    • Financial Prosperity Intro

    • Discover Financial Prosperity & How It Will Change Your Life

  • 9

    Family & Parenting

    • Family & Parenting Intro

    • Discover Family & Parenting Fulfillment

  • 10

    Overall Lifestyle Design

    • Lifestyle Design Hacks For A More Fulfilling and Happy Life

  • 11

    Set Your Self Free With The Freedom Formula | BONUS CONTENT

    • Freedom Formula

  • 12

    Let's Put This All Together

    • Let's Put This All Together Now (Micro Habits) | Lifestyle Design Accelerator

  • 13

    Lifestyle Income Academy

    • Welcome | Lifestyle Income Academy

    • What Are People Saying About Our Community...

    • Lifestyle Income Playbook 3.0

Meet Mitch

Mitch is known as the most sought after Lifestyle Design Transformation Coach in the Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur communities. He is famous for creating the Limitless Life Accelerator System-The Independent Achievers Guide To A Ideal & Balanced Life In All Areas! Mitch liberates Independent Achievers from mediocrity & living one dimensional lives and propels them into limitless lives & having it all by mastering their mind, creating a true Lifestyle Income that supports their ideal life and through the eight dimensional ideal life design framework.

Discover How To Design Your Ideal Life, Live Your Purpose & Earn A Lifestyle Income Doing What You Love In The Next 60 Days…

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